LifeBuilders, Men Empowered by the Spirit

LifeBuilders is a discipleship initiative for Men.  LifeBuilders men will discover how to follow Christ fully, connect with believers strategically and to be the man of God they were created to be.  Discipleship brings growth and transformation that allows men to serve Christ and fulfill their destiny.  Discipled men will be better husbands, better fathers, better leaders and more dynamic witnesses.

LifeBuilders Men's Discipleship Studies & Resources



You will learn:

Why your church needs a LifeBuilders discipleship ministry

Keys to starting a LifeBuilders discipleship ministry

The need and qualities of a strong LifeBuilders ministry leader

How to build and train your LifeBuilders ministry team

How to get started right

How to build ministry momentum

How to build entry points for men into your LifeBuilders discipleship ministry

Keys to maintaining a quality LifeBuilders discipleship ministry

How to disciple men

How to be connected for ministry effectiveness

How to build and implement a Pastor’s Prayer Partner ministry

How to train Transformational Discipleship small group leaders


100 Series

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Quantity Pricing

Quantity Pricing

Maximized Manhood



Wild at Heart

Real Man

200 Series

Never Quit



Sexual Integrity



Communication, Sex and Money

Strong Men In Tough Times

The Power of Potential

300 Series


Sleeping Giant





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